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Most schools are built around teachers not students.

Students learn what teachers decide they should learn, and the teachers decide when it is time to learn.

Why can’t a student learn when it is most convenient for him or her, by the suitable teacher who is chosen by the student, regardless of where in the world they are?


You don’t need physical classrooms.

A student in Shanghai wants to learn English. A TESOL-certified native teacher in New York City is looking for a job. Why would these two individuals need a classroom to aid the learning process?


You can choose native teacher by yourself.

Teaching hours, education background, professional skills and personality, the standards for a good teacher are the same everywhere. You will find that it is so easy to find a good teacher online after you have a trial.


The best teacher-student ratio is always 1:1

Engagement and interactions are critical to the learning process.

Teachers are some of the most influential people in student’s lives, so why should not we find native teachers for the learning process?


You need the same teacher for a period.

The cooperation between student and teacher is important during the process. The same teacher for a period is a good solution. In the real world, you don’t speak to just one person every day. Learning should be no different. When you reach a new stage, why don’t experience another teacher’s style?


Learning is as much about failure as it is about success.

More information you know about the teacher, more confidence you will have during the learning process and you will achieve success more easily. The trust should be established from the beginning.



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